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  • Professional, reliable and friendly

    Clear Glass Windows is a well established family run and local company, who specialise in the cleaning of domestic and commercial windows using the latest in water fed pole technology, all of our staff are professional, reliable, and friendly and are always in their uniform.

    As well as the window cleaning we offer patio and driveway pressure cleaning, with years of experience, we have the expertise and skills to undertake any project.

  • The best tools for the job

    Clear Glass Window cleaning services use the ladder less Reach & Wash Waterfed pole system, and have been using this system for years. By using this method it eliminates the risk of an injury or fatality as a direct result of falling from height. The other benefit of this system is that the windows, frames and doors are always thoroughly cleaned at every visit.

    All staff are fully trained & qualified to use this system, as we have completed courses held by the British window cleaning academy. We can arrive on site with hundreds of litres of purified water in our vehicles to carry out our daily tasks.

    A hosepipe supplies glass & carbon fibre poles which telescope up to 90ft and delivers purewater to the window. The brush head of the pole is placed onto the glass and the movement of the pole will agitate and loosen any surface dirt, before finally being rinsed off.

    The nature of pure water is to strive to return to its former impure state by actively absorbing all the dirt, chemicals & minerals it comes across leaving the glass sparkling & spot free. Ladders & high access equipment can be eliminated, reducing cost whilst ensuring safety. Enjoy the assurance that comes with knowing that some accidents simply can’t happen.

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